NUGENIA/TA2 Achievements in Severe Accidents Research (2015-2020)

Severe accident research is the only way to achieve the best possible management in case such unlikely events eventually happen. Early this century, the Severe Accident Research NETwork (SARNET) was born as an EC project and about 10 years later it became the technical area 2 of NUGENIA, the SNETP (Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technological Platform) pillar devoted to research on Gen. II and Gen. III Light Water Reactors (LWRs). This paper describes the most relevant outcomes from NUGENIA/TA2 research in the last five years concerning coolability of in-vessel and ex-vessel corium/debris, in-containment phenomena and source term; besides, the progress made and underway on severe accident modelling is outlined. Finally, the NUGENIA/TA2 commitment to knowledge dissemination through courses and conferences is highlighted.

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