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The Spanish Nuclear Society (SNE) is an association formed by professionals and institutions of the nuclear sector with the aim of promoting knowledge and dissemination of nuclear science and technology to become a reference and a meeting point for professionals in the nuclear sector. In addition, it aims to transmit its knowledge to the Spanish society in a rigorous and objective way.

Founded in 1974, the SNE is a non-profit association declared of Public Utility, according to article 2.11 of the Royal Decree 1786/1996 of July 19, 1996, which currently has about one thousand individual members and more than sixty collective members. Among the former are engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, economists and students, while entities, companies and organizations (public and private) related to nuclear activity are registered as collective members.

The website NUCLEAR ESPAÑA www.revistanuclear.es, the magazine of the Spanish Nuclear Society (SNE), is the information site for professionals in the Spanish-speaking nuclear sector.

Its content (articles, interviews, industry news, Society news, presentations, etc.) is updated periodically. www.revistanuclear.es is the meeting point with the best information offer for professionals working in nuclear power plants, electricity and engineering companies, industry, construction and assembly companies, public services and organizations, universities and research centers.

Editorial Staff Commission of Nuclear España

Miguel Sánchez López


“Nuclear España shows the technical and human dimension of the SNE, being an effective channel for communicating nuclear science and technology to the whole society”

Ángela Cortes Martín

& Coordinator of the Safety Area

“One of the pillars of nuclear safety is knowledge and, associated with it, information. Nuclear España promotes both aspects through the technical dissemination”

Miguel Barreiro Bugallo

Coordinator of the Installations Area

“Our mission as technicians in the nuclear sector is to provide as much information as possible, so that people build their own opinion and not repeat the opinion from others”

Ignacio Etxeguren González

Coordinator of the Fuel Cycle Area

“The power of an image, the efficacy of a word, the certainty of a gesture …… It all adds up to our work. Building a timely and clear message strengthens nuclear safety. Transmitting trust and hope is also a commitment to the future”

Andrés Felipe Martínez

Coordinator of the "More..." Area

“Nuclear Energy could and should play a key role in the development of a sustainable development of energy mix. It is our mission to share most relevant aspects of the nuclear technological skills developed mainly in Spain”

Javier Gil Jordán

Coordinator of the Technology & Innvation Area

“In a world and an age in which everything revolves around technology and innovation, nuclear energy is not far behind. It faces each challenge thinking differently and adapting to new times, which allows us to improve not only safety but also efficiency”

Eugenio Gil López

Coordinator of the "More..." Area

Looking at how well, I have been working for many years in a sector that, despite being so badly treated by some and by others, has contributed greatly to our development and well-being, and has allowed me to meet good people who have taught me a lot and they have made me enjoy very rewarding moments. I think I was lucky!

Gonzalo Jiménez Varas

Coordinator of the Safety Area

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your habits. Watch your habits, they become your character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny”. Lao Tse.

Beatriz Lamela Pascua

Coordinator of the Climate and Environment Area & Nuclears around the World

“The land footprint of nuclear energy is based on the environmental respect”

Matilde Pelegrí Torres


"Communication is everything. An image, a thousand words, in any format and mode of expression, but always with quality. Whether on paper, digital or audiovisual, truthful, transparent information from qualified sources is the best way to communicate"

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Gómez

Coordinator of the Climate and Environment Area,
the Fuel Cycle Area
& the Scientific Dissemination Area

- Einstein: 'What I most admire about your art, is your universality. You don't say a word, yet the world understands you!'
- Chaplin: 'True. But your glory is even greater! The whole world admires you, even though they don't understand a word of what you say.'"

Carlos Vázquez Rodríguez

Coordinator of the Scientific Dissemination Area

“The scientific dissemination is a must for our Nuclear Society, and it has to play a role in our journal. In this age of communication, we will do our best to fight against the spread of myths and fake news”

Stella Zamudio de la Varga

Coordinator of the Installations Area

“Nuclear Facilities enlighten safety and quality culture inspiring every single outcome in the Industry”

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