HCC: The cask loader software for the management of spent fuel of Almaraz-Trillo Nuclear Power Plants

In order to better optimize the management of spent fuel, the Almaraz and Trillo Nuclear Power Plants (CNAT) considered it necessary to have a computer tool that would facilitate and optimize the loading of fuel elements (SF) in dry spent fuel containers depending on the characteristics and limitations of the containers and the storage facility .

To this end, Naturgy Ingenieria Nuclear, together with Nexus5, has developed and put into production a cask loader software, HCC, through which the container load proposals are configured by selecting the best candidates, according to the parameters load desired by the user, and that meet the safety requirements of the containers, as well as those of the warehouse where they are stored.

This tool also aims to:

  • Facilitate and optimize EC loading.
  • Generate the necessary documentation for the loading of containers.

The tool has the advantage of being in continuous communication with AVI-CNAT (database of spent fuel and special waste from the Almaraz and Trillo nuclear power plants), so it has updated information on the last recharge carried out, in relation to with the characteristics of the existing SF inventory in the three plants (type of SF, irradiation history, discharge date, etc.), as well as their characterization status according to the  ENRESA acceptance criteria).

On the other hand, the tool has all the criteria and limits of the casks used in CNAT with which the tool will perform the calculations.

HCC has a friendly environment, where the user easily enters, among others, the following parameters: reactor (Almaraz I, Almaraz II or Trillo), type of cask/rack combinations, loading strategy (regionalized or uniform), burn up uncertainty and estimated loading date, needed to calculate SF cooling time.

After applying the corresponding filters, HCC shows the list of undamaged ECs that meet the requirements indicated in the proposal and that are, therefore, candidates for loading in the type of container selected.

HCC also generates the tables and graphs necessary for the preparation of load plans. The generated container is transferred back to AVI-CNAT where it can also be consulted.

In summary, HCC is an agile and simple software that allows obtaining the cask loading configuration, selecting the best candidates that meet the loading strategy defined by the user.

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