#nuclear Working Area– 48th SNE Annual Meeting (Toledo)

The 48th Annual Meeting of the Spanish Nuclear Society took place in Toledo from October 2nd to 6th. This meeting served as a forum for the committees to showcase their activities and share the significant work accomplished throughout the year.

In this edition, the traditional technical session of the committees was replaced by a space in the exhibition area called #Nucleares. Over the course of the 3-day congress, members from all committees participated, each conducting various activities related to their roles within the SNE.

Interested congress attendees were informed about each committee’s objectives, its function within the SNE, the involvement of professionals in the sector, and the annual activities carried out by each committee.

  • The Annual Meeting Organizing Committee (CORA – CTRA)

prepared a presentation explaining the functions of both committees in organizing the annual meetings, including a historical overview and the use of logos designed for this purpose.

  • The Communication Committee

under the slogan “Speak now and communicate always“, provided basic tips on how to handle media relations, techniques for public speaking, and navigating social media.

  • The Employment and Professional Development Committee

designed activities to enhance attendees’ experience and promote professional growth in the nuclear industry. These activities included exploring key mentoring values, interactive quizzes for training, bookmarks as bridges to scholarships and awards, and recognizing emerging talent.

  • Youth Nuclear

The “Nuclear Youth” objective is showing the nuclear energy benefits and the ionizing radiation applications, as well as the role that the nuclear industry plays in the society. In the #nuclear Space, they prepared two really fun games: Coffee Kahoot and Radioactive Banana, in which the participants had to answer questions about nuclear subjects.

  • The Programs Committee

organized two activities: a commemorative video for the 40th anniversary of the committee and the contest “1, 2, 3 Programs: Participate and Win“, featuring 15 questions about activities organized in the last year. This space was used to promote ongoing and completed activities.

  • The Editorial Committee

organized a photocall under the theme #pasamosrevista to promote the magazine and have a fun time. Participants were provided with physical copies of the magazine to use as props. To explain what “cooking in the magazine” means, committee members wore aprons from the portal, which were also given as gifts for the funniest photo.

  • The Technical Committee

engaged members and the general public in two live surveys about their awareness of committee activities and concerns for future work. The surveys included a multiple-choice section through a QR code and a word search that changed in size and shape based on contributions.

  • The Terminology Committee

was represented by members available to address questions about their work. A poster provided a concise illustration of concepts, history, and ongoing activities.

  • The 50th Anniversary Working Group

presented the official commemorative logo for the 50th anniversary of the SNE, the winner of a contest organized by the group. In the #nucleares space, the first questionnaires were collected to identify recreational sports activities under the name GO NUCLEAR! Contacts were also made regarding the Nuclear Hackathon. Highlighting the creation of a 4×2-meter mural on Thursday, painted “live and in direct” by David Barrera.

This new approach was well-received, resulting in a successful participation and serving as a showcase for the committees to demonstrate the significant effort they make daily to promote knowledge about nuclear science and technology.

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