2024: Our Society turns 50 years old!

#50 anniversary

2024 brings with it the 50th anniversary of our foundation, and we want to celebrate it in style and with activities that allow us all to be part of this birthday.

Born with the vocation of promoting knowledge of nuclear science and technology, as well as becoming a reference in the sector, our company currently brings together professionals who carry out their activity in various applications of nuclear technology, both in electricity generation, research, health, communication or the environment.

We are a non-profit society, whose objectives are channeled through various publications and events, which seek to transmit educational content on the use of nuclear energy, and promote research and the meeting of different professionals, for dissemination and development.

This year we want all the members to join us in the celebration of these five decades of life and history. We are working on the organization of different events in which we hope all those who, throughout these 50 years, have accompanied us, and contributed to forging our identity, can participate.

Throughout the year, and culminating with a social event in November, our organization presents a varied program that includes cultural days and institutional events, as well as the publication of commemorative material, which compiles the most significant milestones in our history. Also noteworthy are our sports and entertainment competitions under the GoNuclear! section, which cover sports disciplines such as:

  • Athletics
  • Paddle
  • Golf
  • Bowling
In the #nucleares space, the first questionnaires were collected to identify the recreational and sports activities of interest under the name GO NUCLEAR!

As well as other competitions, among which we can find:

  • Karaoke
  • Win Tasting Competition
  • Beer Tasting Competition

These activities will take place in various parts of Spain, which we hope will be an incentive for greater participation by our partners. The dates are still to be specified and will be closed based on the number of attendees interested in participating in the different activities.

From here, we invite you all to be part of this new chapter in the history of the SNE, a history that we want to continue writing as partners and nuclear professionals.

Fill out this pre-registration form, with the choice of your favorite sports and disciplines. We will contact you to inform you about final dates, cost and location for each activity.

There will be an awards ceremony at our closing ceremony of the festivities, but, above all, there will be camaraderie and lots of fun. Join us and be part of our celebration!

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