The experience of a Shift Manager NPP related by herself

What’s better than receiving a qualified job offer in one of the best Companies in the world? I received this offer two years after finishing my University Degree. The job is very close to my house, in a rural area with few opportunities. My story started 20 years ago.

My name is Ana Landete. I was born in Ayora, a rural town in Valencia. Ayora is located 28 kilometers south of the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant. I studied Industrial Technical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. My dream was to build a future in my town, but it was not easy.

I was selected by Iberdrola to obtain the Reactor and Turbine Operator License to operate in Cofrentes NPP, with the support of Tecnatom. I started my training in 2005.

During the selection process, the same sentence was repeated by myself: “You must study a little more than you studied in the school, just a little more.” During the training process, a great personal, family, and social effort was necessary. I still remember the enormous satisfaction when it was successful finished.

Work in the Cofrentes NPP Control Room is an incredible experience. A perfect coordination with all the installation teams is necessary, and to have the control of all the movements, maneuvers, tests, and work that are being carried out in the plant.

I worked for seven years as Operator and after that, I obtained the Control Room Supervisor License, another step in my professional career.

For another two years I studied again, with a great personal sacrifice. At the end of 2016, I obtained the Control Room Supervisor License from Cofrentes NPP. New responsibilities were associated to my new position. My main functions were to supervise the maneuvers, tests and other activities carried out by the Reactor and Turbine operators and by the Auxiliary Electrical Operator, verify and ensure compliance with the technical specifications, coordinate the maneuvers with other sections of the plant, make decisions about activities that should be executed…

I was Control Room Supervisor for 5 years. After specific leadership and management issues courses and simulator training, I accessed, in 2022, the position of Shift Leader of the Control Room.

This position is one of the most responsible positions in the organization of a nuclear power plant. The final decision associate with any adversity or problem must be made by the Shift Leader (always supported by the entire team that works in the plant and in his experience). It is important that the Shift Leader knows what is happening at all times in the facility, what maneuvers are being executed, what personnel are working and where, what tests, maneuvers or interventions are planned to be executed in their shift, making the necessary decisions about whether these can be executed or not. An absolute coordination and cooperation with the rest of the sections of the facility are need (Maintenance, Radiological Protection, Nuclear Engineering, Technical Engineering, Chemistry…) to ensure that everyone works together to obtain the same objectives and based on the same principles.

My work is exciting, challenging and with enormous responsibility. The plant’s activities are carried out by a highly trained and perfectly coordinated staff to guarantee the safety, effectiveness, agility and efficiency of Cofrentes NPP.

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