Knowledge Transfer: The Unwritten

The knowledge transfer is one of the essential priorities of Jóvenes Nucleares. After a short stand-by during the pandemic, we have recovered all the way up our commitment to the cross-generational exchange of experiences through a novel activity in the Jovenes Nucleares catalogue: “Knowledge Transfer: The Unwritten.

What is this new adventure about? A series of talks was shared with experts with extensive experience in nuclear science and technology. They aimed to create an intimate and informal atmosphere, which allowed learning about their professional intimacy, experiences and anecdotes, all the life lessons that are not written and will be of incalculable value for our professional future.

This first edition would stand out for its diversity.

Firstly, geographical diversity, which has been one of the project’s objectives since the decentralization of the activities, is one of the ambitions of Jóvenes Nucleares, trying to involve more and more young professionals in the sector throughout Spain. The talks have been held in Madrid, Reus and Valencia, important areas in the nuclear industry. And as Jóvenes Nucleares likes to look to the future, our goal is to widen our current scope in the near future by organizing events in other exciting locations of the national territory.

Secondly, the diversity of areas of knowledge of our speakers. We counted on the presence of Luis Enrique Herranz, head scientist of the Nuclear Safety Unit of CIEMAT for more than 20 years; Rafael Martín López, current director of nuclear safety and radiological protection of ENDESA, with 36 years of accumulated experience in the operation of a Nuclear Power Plants; Dra. Alegría Montoro, radiobiologist at the Hospital Universitario- Politécnico LA FE; Agustín Tanarro, nuclear engineer (Operation and Emergency Support) at Tecnatom; and finally, María del Mar Domínguez, founding member of Jóvenes Nucleares and an excellent reference for us, being the first president of the Commission (Jóvenes Generaciones de la SNE in her time).

The experience has been precious for all participants. This project allowed us to get to know our sector face-to-face when telematic meetings still predominated. A project that encourages us, young people in the nuclear sector, to believe in our abilities, and to take care of our personal and soft skills with passion, always keeping in our heads the long-suffering and resilience as fundamental tools.

A project that has just begun, and we hope to evolve with it to infinity and beyond.

If you are interested in more details on the speakers’ different points of view and the main lessons learned from the various talks, do not hesitate to read the full article in its pdf version.

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