Long Term Operation and ANAV SALTO Mission

The Ascó and Vandellós II nuclear power plants (NPP) enter into long term operation (LTO) in stages over the next 6 years, therefore, ANAV has been working for several years on adapting its practices and processes to the requirements associated with aging management, which is understood as a global concept that transversally affects the physical components, the management processes and the organization.

Within this framework, ANAV is currently adapting its working methods related to aging management to the international best practices, making use of the IAEA safety standards.

As part of this process, in addition to internal analyses, a SALTO mission peer review was requested to the IAEA in order to obtain an objective and independent point of view of the Ascó and Vandellós II NPP conditions for a safe long term operation.

The SALTO mission began in January 2019 with a pre-SALTO mission focused on Ascó and Vandellós II NPP, and continued with Ascó NPP SALTO mission in July 2021.

 ANAV has evaluated the proposals for improvements made, analyzing their applicability both for Ascó and Vandellós II NPP, and establishing the appropriate plans of action to improve the aspects identified during those IAEA peer reviews.

The correct implementation of these actions will be verified during the next follow-up of the Ascó NPP SALTO mission, which is scheduled for 2023.

Moreover, these actions have been incorporated into the ANAV implementation plan for LTO, so its compliance will demonstrate the Ascó and Vandellós II NPP preparedness to face the operation period beyond its design life.

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