IAEA publication in the area of Human Factors Engineering for the design of instrumentation and control systems

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has published during 2021 a new document with the title “Human Factors Engineering Aspects of Instrumentation and Control System Design” and code NR-T-2.12. This document is to become an important reference in future projects of Instrumentation and Control (I&C) systems, since it links for the first time this discipline with Human Factors Engineering (HFE), both for new designs and for plant design modifications in nuclear power plants.

The document belongs to the Energy Series Reports, which are technical publications or guides about technological advances, experiences, good practices or practical examples; and is included in the area of ​​”Nuclear Reactor Objectives”.

The document complements the safety guides SSG-39 “Design of instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power plants” and SSG-51 “HFE in the design of nuclear power plants”, the latter included the first collaboration of Tecnatom with the IAEA, being the NR-T-2.12, the document described in this article, the second collaboration.

The document aims to improve the reliability, safety and productivity of I&C systems, since the human being is the one who interacts with these systems, having been developed by experts with extensive practical experience in the areas involved. The document introduces new concepts that are being included in the most recent references such as:

  • Endpoint Vision
  • Graded Approach
  • Issue Tracking System
  • Multi-unit projects
  • Modernization plans and migration strategy (already describe in EPRI documts)
  • Equipment procurement
  • Multistage verification and validation
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