Physical Modeling as the basis of a diagnostic/prediction platform

J. Ferrándiz, G. E. Leon, R. Avezuela, B. De Blas

Under the concept of “Digital Twin”, interpreted as models that accurately represent the behavior of certain systems in specific situations, Empresarios Agrupados, in collaboration with several technological partners, is working on the development of solutions under an architecture that, based on models of the 0D-1D EcosimPro® modeling and simulation tool, be able to integrate plant data from IoT platforms, relevant information obtained from various sources (meteorological, economic data …), as well as Engineering calculations, to generate a platform of Diagnosis / Prediction / Monitoring of Plant Systems.

EcosimPro, software for physical modeling and simulation of 0D / 1D processes developed by Empresarios Agrupados, is a solution widely used by the engineering of the organization to carry out studies of energy production plants.

With the technological boom of Industry 4.0, the traditional concept of problem analysis and diagnosis evolves, and physical modeling tools like EcosimPro®, are now the core of a new digital approach. Under this new paradigm of “Digital Twin”, the user himself can simulate, under different scenarios, the behavior of plant systems, introducing relevant variations, to observe the possible results. The information obtained from the physical simulation in turn is processed, compared and transformed with modern data analytics techniques, creating in this way, a complete support platform, essential for decision making and optimization of the daily operation.

In this case is presented in collaboration with PwC Spain and the integration of EcosimPro with Power Brain PwC’s analytics platform

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