The five casks at ISFSI with part of the project team.

First spent fuel cask loading at Cofrentes NPP’s ISFSI


nce the pools storage capacity of the spent fuel in C.N. Cofrentes were achieved, the solution adopted by Iberdrola Generación Nuclear and ENRESA has been the cask dry storage, in line with the other Spanish nuclear power plants.

Aerial view of the ISFSI of Cofrentes NPP.

In order to undertake the spent fuel cask loading, Iberdrola Generación Nuclear previously finalized the licensing and construction of the independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI) that serves to store the casks once loaded. In addition, all the necessary modifications to the plant have been made to be able to safely handle the casks in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Cask HI-STAR 150.

The cask model used in C.N. Cofrentes is the HI-STAR 150 designed, licensed and manufactured by HOLTEC International. It is a double-purpose metal cask for storage and transport, with a double bolted lid system and with capacity for 52 BWR type elements.

The first loading campaign has been a major challenge for the organization of C.N. Cofrentes as this was the first time this activity was carried out at the plant. A total of 5 HI-STAR 150 containers were loaded in the first campaign, the work being led by a multidisciplinary team from Iberdrola Generación Nuclear and carried out by ENSA and with ENRESA support.

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